2016 December Update
While many activities go on at our New Dawn High School for Orphans in Kenya and a second one being developed in Tanzania, the Gospel is going forth in our ministry as the tip of the spear penetrating the kingdom of darkness in East Africa with the light and glory of God. … (more—>> Pastors and Leaders Conferences, Poster , New Greenhouse Construction.)

2016 Senior Class Legacy Project Trip, Kenya, July 26 – August 6
Each summer we send a team to work with our graduating students to construct a community enhancement project of their own choice and design. This is a gift that our graduates leave the upcoming students and staff as a display of gratitude for what New Dawn has invested into their lives. We donate $5,000 per project and provide some encouragement and direction, the students do all the work. Over the years we have constructed such projects as a Basketball Court, Beautiful Shade Gazebo, Tranquil Prayer Garden, … Much needed Bathroom Facilities & Green House, Library with shelves and books, Chicken Coup and a Bio Gas Digester. This year’s project will be the installation of a roof water reclamation system integrated into a fish pond.

2016 Community Development Trip, Tanzania, August 6 – 12
On Saturday, August 6th we travel from Kenya to Tanzania to meet with our indigenous board of directors who are developing our next New Dawn Community there in Ishinde Village. We also meet with the village elders and other community leaders for inspiration and training.
As of May 2016 we have fenced 50 acres, drilled a well and are installing our pump and water storage system. We will begin constructing our first phase of our school as soon as we have raised the funds.
We have three major phases of construction which will coast approx $950,000 each.

We are already planning for our 2017 trips…

How can you participate? Pray ~ Give ~ Go

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December 1, 2013
The Board of Directors of World Christian Outreach, Inc. have recently announced the designation of James M. Kariuki as the President and CEO of New Dawn Communities – Laikipia, Kenya. The ministry is now in a position to “turn over” the day to day running of activities to Mr. Kariuki, who has done a remarkable and most excellent job of directing the build-up of the New Dawn Secondary School for Orphans which is located on the campus.

It has always been the philosophy of ministry of WCO to act as a catalyst and provider of capital to establish a new work for the national indigenous Christian workers to carry on. The Orphan School has now graduated 96 students from its High School of which 43 have been placed into Kenya’s top universities. Mr. Ian Dyer will continue as Director of US Operations for New Dawn and will assume more responsibilities to direct New Dawn’s program for the Alumni and student/sponsor relationships. He is also pro-active in posting the ministry’s activities on the Facebook pages of the Website – Stan Herpick, Founder and President of World Christian Outreach, will remain as Founder and Overseer of all the ministry activities of New Dawn. The Board has also authorized the building of a new WCO International Outreach Center in Bahati, Kenya where Stan will be directing most of his time in the future. This Center, once built, will become a ministry hub for East African Pastors to receive in-depth teaching of the Bible, humility, servanthood, and self-emptying in accordance with Philippians 2:1-11, personal teaching admonitions in accordance with 1 & 11 Timothy and Titus, personal prayer and fellowship with one another, and a coming together in unity and one accord to pray for the nations of the world. 20 acres of land has been donated for this project. The WCO Board has also authorized the giving of 50 acres of its land at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to our close associate Pastor Ron Sukut for ministry development. Ron will be meeting with key WCO contact personnel in Tanzania in early January to formulate a ministry plan and then coming back to form a separate 501(c)(3) ministry corporation. December 1, 2013