Facilities – Tanzania

Updates coming soon!

Help us build a new facility in Tanzania

The property has been transferred, surveyed, and 5 of the 50 acres are
fenced. The first building (a small storage house) is under construction.

What is next?:

Drill Water Well $30,000
Construct Water Storage Tank $10,000
Build Multi-purpose Structure $40,000
Bring in electricity $5,000
Build 3km road from highway $5,000
Construct boys and girls dormitories $300,000
Construct kitchen, cafeteria, and hall $195,000
Construct two classroom buildings $25,000
Purchase Tractor, begin Ag $40,000

Sponsor a Student

In addition to the construction funding, we need ongoing support to
pay for both the boarding and education of the orphans. While the
plan is that these indigenous facilities will eventually be self-supporting,
funding is needed in the initial phases to pay for various
operating costs. Both one time and on-going support are needed.