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– February – Graduation for 2 more High School classes


– Good News From New Dawn

We have been informed by James Kariuki, our Director in Africa, that the recent New Dawn graduating class has received the exciting and outstanding news that they have placed #18 in scholastic ranking out of all the private High Schools in the country of Kenya. James received calls of congratulations from all over the country.

Every year in Oct-Nov senior students take a month long exam which covers the four years of high school. Results are received in March and are broadcast on radio and TV throughout East Africa. It is a very significant event because education is highly valued in the country and given much prominence and recognition among universities, industry, and the general public.

The fact that New Dawn, being a school for orphans and disadvantaged kids with no cost to the student (students have to pay for high school in Kenya), has placed so high in the ratings, attention has been given by the media, The Citizen TV Channel, which Is one of the major channels in the country. James was recently interviewed by them on TV with members of Kenya’s Department of Education.

Only 2 of our students received a C+ grade with all others receiving A’s and B’s. This is even significantly better than last year when our graduating class ranked #30 out of the top 100 private schools. Our current students are so happy and joyous and have vowed to place even higher next year!

New Dawn Secondary School for Orphans is a very exceptional school and the only one of its kind in East Africa. That is why it is getting such attention from the press and media. The school is an inspiration to the whole country where they can see that hopeless, abandoned kids have been lifted up from the pit of despair and destruction and are doing so well!

All praise goes to Jesus – and to each one of our students who have worked so hard, and to our teachers, staff, and administrators, who have all been supervised by our wonderful Director, James Kariuki.

– Results published for College Preparatory testing from previous October / November.

– World Christian Outreach, Inc. now has a YouTube Channel

The above link takes you to the World Christian Outreach, Inc.’s YouTube Channel. However, those videos are also embedded within their respective website pages at World Christian Outreach and New Dawn Communities, but are broadcast via the YouTube server, and can be watched in the full screen view.