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We hit WATER in Tanzania!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!! – 2016 April 15

Plan for the New Dawn Community in Ishinde Village, Tanzania:
(As of June 2015)

The overall plan is to build a facility similar to New Dawn Community in Laikipia, Kenya, which currently houses, clothes, feeds & educates over 100 orphans and/or disadvantaged high school students.

  • Grade and pave access road (3 kilometers from property to Highway)
  • Dig a well, Build a water storage tank
  • Get the electric company to extend power to the property
  • Build Phase I (dormitories, classrooms, kitchen, auditorium and multipurpose room)
  • Open school in January 2017

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  • Ron Sukut planning a church in Ishinde, Tanzania.
Ron Sukut planning a church in Ishinde, Tanzania.1 2 3