Our goal is that each school Sustainabilitywill eventually be self-sustaining through a supporting enterprise, most likely agriculture related.

James Kariuki, is the Director at New Dawn but was also employed for 27 years in the Department of Agriculture of the Kenya government. The Farm enterprise created by James includes 16 different crops (corn-maize, tomatoes, watermelon, beans, sweet potatoes, mangos, cabbage, passion fruit, pineapple, oranges, tree tomatoes, sorghum, lintels, yams, potatoes – to name a few), 3 different greenhouses, a Massey Ferguson tractor, a farm truck, 5 acres of corn, 3 acres of 200 mango trees, 9 cows with troughs, a complete irrigation system, and a corn shelling machine – all of which are on a campus of 35 acres of land. This has all been developed to help give self-sustainability to The New Dawn Secondary School for Orphans. James knows how to rotate the crops for top efficiency. We are also leasing 30 acres of land where we grow corn. It is estimated that we currently raise a third of the funds necessary to support the school. We are working to grow the effort to effectually fully fund the school and other efforts.