Sponsor a Student

Eighty dollars a month will pay for both the boarding and education of an orphan. We will connect you with a specific orphan to allow you to follow their progress. Both one time and on-going support are needed.

Sponsor a Student ($80/mo)

Share a Student ($40/mo)

Help us build a new facility in Tanzania

The property has been transferred, surveyed, and 5 of the 50 acres are fenced. The first building (a small storage house) is under construction. What is next?:

Drill Water Well $30,000
Construct Water Storage Tank $10,000
Build Multi-purpose Structure $40,000
Bring in electricity $5,000
Build 3km road from highway $5,000
Construct boys and girls dormitories $300,000
Construct kitchen, cafeteria, and hall $195,000
Construct two classroom buildings $25,000
Purchase Tractor, begin Ag $40,000


Build New Schools ($50 monthly gift)

Build New Schools (one time gift)

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